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Just a drawing of risu :iconwerewolfluva:werewolfluva 6 21 Worm - The Simurgh :iconsandara:sandara 12,121 285
She's Not Your Toy
She's Not Your Toy:
Mmm, it's okay sweetie
Just stay quiet
It'll all be over soon...

Creaking springs and quiet eyes
Cold without emotion
The smell of fear is mixed with sweat
Breath like a churning ocean
The waves and tide will push and pull
as water fills the cave
The heart longs to stop itself
when there is nothing left to save
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Jenna
Happy birthday to you...

A shock of pain brings her back to the present
The muscular form above her contracting in the dark
She remembers now that her limbs are pinned
but she would not move them anyway...
Happy birthday sweetheart, you're older now
You've grown up well haven't you...

A single shuddering thrust means that everything has ended
and once again a wet worm is pressed to her lips
The weight lifts from her body, leaving red marks around the wrists
limbs denied blood begin to buzz softly as the silence suffocates
She will not move from here, because i
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 620 283
For Angeal Lovers - 2011
You are sitting in the simulation chamber on top of a mako cannon by the ocean with your two friends, Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley. The soft breeze is gently hitting your face as you sit there beside your friends gazing out at the sparkling blue ocean.
"So, ______, heard anything from Genesis lately?" Zack asks, and you turn to him, raising your eyebrows in confusion.
"Not really, I heard that he was a bit annoyed yesterday from Sephiroth. Why do you wanna know that anyways?" You ask, and he smirks widely, a mischievous glint in his eyes.
"What did you do!?" You demand, staring at him suspiciously.
"Well, you have to promise not to tell anyone, especially not Genesis," Zack says, and you and Angeal nod.
"Well, the reason he's annoyed is because I stole Loveless from him," Zack chuckled, and you shook your head, smiling slightly.
"You know Genesis is probably going to kill you when he finds out, right?" Angeal says, smirking and shaking his head in amusement.
"I know," Zack says, laughin
:iconxxxxbeccaxxxx:XXXXBECCAXXXX 98 38
Adatara Volcano :iconwakind:wakind 4 0 Mare line art :iconwerewolfluva:werewolfluva 6 2 Ackerman's Field :iconsandara:sandara 2,676 178 Adventurers :iconsandara:sandara 6,241 176 Drache :iconsandara:sandara 11,162 491 golden :iconsandara:sandara 5,668 251 black mountain unicorn :iconsandara:sandara 10,808 633 MLP Villains - Queen Chrysalis :iconsandara:sandara 13,276 593 MLP Villains - Nightmare Moon :iconsandara:sandara 13,773 646 MLP Villains - King Sombra :iconsandara:sandara 11,350 518 Poster :iconsandara:sandara 6,367 272 Prismatic Unicorn :iconsandara:sandara 8,567 356



So I have decided that I'm boycotting target. It's not because of the whole bathroom thing. I mean yeah it's not really that safe but whatever. I'm boycotting Target because their security sucks balls. When a girl no older than me gets fucking stabbed there is a serious problem. #FuckTarget

y/n pov-

"alright everyone there's two girl two boys so...______(y/n) you go first"fuffie exclaimed in excitement as she brought the hat over to me i put my hand in quickly and pulled it out to reveal a large white feather i sucked in a breath because it just so happened i had a huge crush on the person who the feather belonged to...angeal. Everyone's eyes widened and Genesis and Zack started snickering. Yuffie picked up my hand and threw me into the closet before doing the same to Angeal which made him crash into me,after that she closed the door and i swear to god what she did after that i think she's a pshycic"and don't try bustin that door down because you'll be the one fixing it"

Angeal's pov-

shit...just my luck she got my feather.It's not that i don't like ____(y/n)because i do i like her a's just that zack and genesis are never gonna let this down they'll probably tell sephiroth son't ask i doesn't help when those two idiots are thing i know i'm being shoved into a closet with____(y/n)before crashing into her. Yuffie yelled something to her after closing the door and locking us in.

y/n pov-

i might as well tell him..."uh Angeal i just thought i should tell you that i really like you and i understand if you don't feel the same way we can just t-"i was cut off by Angeal slamming me into the wall so his back was facing the door while kissing me roughly but at the same time somewhat gently.i closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck(careful of the daggers strapped to my arm) while pulling myself up so i could wrap my legs around his waist which even then he was still taller then me.he bit my bottom lip asking for entrance and i decided to tease him by not letting him he decided to grab my ass which made me gasp and open my mouth giving him entrance,our tongues battled for dominance his winning in the end my fingers went under his hair and started playing with the small hairs at the nape of his neck.he stopped kissing my lips and started kissing down my jawline to my neck while moving moving his hands up to my hips and gripped them tightly making me groan and he went back up to my lips and kissed them greedily.
just then the door opened making light come through revealing genesis,zack,and yuffie which caused Angeal to groan and i started growling at the the three of them while baring my teeth."holy shit"-zack "what happened" then cloud decided to walk over and his jaw dropped making me growl slightly while Angeal chuckled lightly at my actions while his face was buried in my neck."put me down love i think seven minutes in heaven are over"i whispered lovingly making him put me down slowly."yeah LOVE seven minutes in heaven is over" i growled ferociously at Yuffie calling Angeal 'love' which made yuffie back up and as Angeal massage my hips ,calming me down .after that everyone back out of the way so the last people could go which was Cait and Genesis.everyone just chatted away while i sat on the couch with angeal on the floor laying his head on my lap as i played with his hair."so are you guys together now or what"asked cloud who was literally the only one who knew i liked Angeal.i looked to angeal for confirmation where the answer yes was practically glittering in his mako energy infused eyes. so i looked up smiling"yep"was all i said before going back to fidling with his raven hair.



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United States
i love horses,dogs and many other animals


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